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Product Lifecycle Management: 21st century paradigm for product realisation
Criado por sayuri tahara ( USP - NUMA ) em 23 de Abril de 2009 - 11:32.
Atualizado por Vanessa Nappi ( EESC USP ) em 01 de Agosto de 2013 - 12:29.
URL: Link do livro na amazon

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a new paradigm for product manufacturing, enables a company to manage its products all the way across their lifecycles in the most effective way. It helps companies get products to market faster, provide better support for their use, and manage end-of-life better. In today's highly competitive global markets, companies must meet the increasing demands of customers to rapidly and continually improve their products and services. PLM meets these needs, extending and bringing together previously separate fields such as Computer Aided Design, Product Data Management, Sustainable Development, Digital Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Life Cycle Analysis and Recycling. Product Lifecycle Management: 21st century Paradigm for Product Realisation explains the importance of PLM, from both the business and technical viewpoints, supported by examples showing how world-class engineering and manufacturing companies are implementing PLM successfully. The book: - introduces PLM, a unique holistic view of product development, support, use and disposal for industry worldwide, based on experience with internationally renowned companies; - shows you how to take full advantage of PLM, how to prepare people to work in the PLM environment, how to choose the best solution for your situation; - provides deep understanding, nurturing the skills you will need to successfully implement PLM and achieve world-class product development and support performance; and - gives access to a companion www site containing further material.

Palavras-chave: PLM
Nó: 10465
Referência completa: STARK, J. Product Lifecycle Management: 21st century paradigm for product realisation. London: Springer, 2006. 441 p.

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